Education Courses With Alpacas

  Animals are a great way of engaging young people-particularly those with behavioral and or learning dificulties.Our approach is very much one-to-one and is always based on detailed background information from teachers or care workers  to ensure that each young person gets a highly differentiated learning experience.

We can an exciting  and bespoke  way to approaching the National Curriculum that involves more than just learning  it may involve just being with the animals and allowing their calmness to “rub off” or taking part in some of the educational activities or developing an individually adapted activity programme to suit your particular needs.
We will work alongside you to assess, support and tailor some provision for even the most difficult to reach children and adults.

From an hours work shop to a 6 week course we provide exciting and engaging courses to boost the learners self confidence and life skills.ASDAN acredited courses available in Animal Care.

Sarah has vast eperience of working with SEND or disengaged students and has had specialist Solution Focus  Training having worked in many different Educational environments  and teaching Science in Secondary School AT KS3 & KS4.

All courses available to children with moderate learning difficulties and a statement of Special Educational Needs  SEND or an Education, Health and Care Plan EHCP

Why visit us?

Because it is relevant to all our lives, it is stimulating and it is FUN

What can be achieved?

Taking children out to a farm is not a mere jolly. There is so much of the National Curriculum that can be met, either during the visit itself or through follow up work after the visit has taken place.

Some young people are not in a place to learn they can get so much from just hanging out with the alpacas.



Topics that can be covered
to give a practical application

Science: Adaptation


Species and selective breeding

English :

  • speaking and listening:
    describing events and experiences, speaking and listening to different people/adults, group discussion and interaction
  • communicating to others, organising and explaining information.
  • Literacy Hour:
  • recounting of events, activities and visits.


Topics that can be covered
to give a practical application

Science: Living organisims

Inheritance & Genetics

Ecosystems & Habitats

Humans & Environment.


  • recounting of events, activities and visits
  •  persuasive writing, argue a point of view, write letters to persuade, protest, support or criticise.
  • make observational records, explanations and use of instructional texts.
  •  biography, diary, journal, anecdotes and journalistic writing.
  •  interview people in their workplace.




Workshops to ASDAN courses available.         

  • Control and handling of Alpacas  to enable student to work affectively with them
  •  Prepare and maintain tively accommodation for Alpacas
  • Prepare and provide feed and water to animals
  • Enrichment for Alpacas
  • Moving Alpacas between locations inc. load and unload  for transportation
  • Provide grazing and exercise opportunities for Alpacas
  • Maintain the cleanliness and bio security of the animal care working environment
  • Gain knowledge of essential paper work for live stock.